Web Design & Development

website-developmentAt Green Digital, we understand the necessity of a solid digital presence, particularly in this age of technology. In giving your firm or industry a digital basis and outlook, we take into consideration its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, goals, vision and target audience, relying solely on research. Our strategy team conducts thorough research and feasibility studies to map out necessary determining factors which are then used to make a plan that best suits your industry’s goals and needs.

In the course of the research and discovery, our Web Development team, specialised in WordPress and Drupal, work hand in hand with our Strategy and Design team, who have profound knowledge in a wide range of platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Larave, to provide technical recommendations. These recommendations are based on technology requirements, data migration, types of integrations to be used, and a detailed discussion about the open source platform that best suits your business.

Information architecture:

Our strategists and developers build on the existing vision and mission statement of your company in creating a befitting online solution that projects your firm’s image digitally. In doing this, we provide web information that is simple and accessible and one that captures your firm’s range of services while enhancing findability and usability for the user.

Web Design Interface & User Experience:

At Green Digital, we believe the way to the mind is the eyes, which is why we design user interfaces that are elegant and user-friendly all in the effort to connect you and your target audience. Our interaction designers are ever willing to work with you in creating a design that is unique, effective and captivating to your audience, while at the same time assisting your users in meeting their goals. Even though we prefer Drupal and WordPress for our Content Management Systems, our designs are platform-independent. So, our visual designs will always be the best irrespective of the Content Management System.